celerite2 requires Python 3.6 and later.

Using pip

The best way to install celerite2 is using pip:

python -m pip install -U celerite2

From Source

The source code for celerite2 can be downloaded and installed from GitHub by running

git clone --recursive
cd celerite2
python -m pip install -e .


To run the unit tests, install the development dependencies using pip:

python -m pip install ".[test]"

and then execute:

python -m pytest -v python/test

All of the tests should (of course) pass. If any of the tests don’t pass and if you can’t sort out why, open an issue on GitHub.

To test the interfaces (for example, the Theano interface), run:

python -m pip install ".[test,theano]"
python -m pytest -v python/test/theano